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Welcome Students.

For your convenience, and at the request of the Fay Whitney School of Nursing Administration, we have created this website with merchandise the administration deems "Approved". Please know that you are under no obligation to purchase the merchandise on this website. You're welcome to purchase merchandise from any supplier as long as it meets the requirements. Please know that we will gladly apply the official Fay Whitney patch to your items for a fee of $12.50 per patch.

We have simplified the shopping experience with this three page site. Browse the approved product, select your items and check out. All orders ship free freight "In Store Pick-up"  to our 309 S. 2nd street facility in downtown Laramie. Once your order is received and complete you will be notified via email.

Please be certain of your sizing. Once an item is embellished with the Fay Whitney patch, the item cannot be returned for refund or exchanged. Please see our policies on the 'Help' page in regards to returns.

If you would like to make other arrangements to receive your product please contact us either by phone or email. 


  •   Men's Zip Front Jacket
    • Men's Zip Front Jacket
      Pocket Pal Kit III
    • Pocket Pal Kit III
      4824 - Ladies Round Neck Top
    • 4824 - Ladies Round Neck Top
  •   81404A - 31" Men's Antimicrobial Lab Coat